3D Imaging: Tools to Organize, View, and Analyze Synchrotron Data

Part of the ALS user meeting, for more info on lodging, travel, site access, etc., see http://als.lbl.gov/user-meeting/

Chairs: Dula Parkinson (dyparkinson@lbl.gov), Harold Barnard (hbar@lbl.gov)

Multiple new algorithms and software tools have been deployed at the micro-CT beamline over the last year to enable improved data management, visualization, and analysis of 3D images, including new tools from CAMERA (the Center for Advanced Mathematics for Energy Research Applications). This workshop will present some of these tools, including tutorials and hands-on sessions, along with the possibility to schedule one-on-one time with experts. The first part of the workshop will be a combined session with the workshop “Xi-CAM and other new software for synchrotron users, from the ALS, CAMERA, and collaborators”, which will include a description of Xi-CAM, an interface that gives access to some of the new tools for microCT.

Tuesday, October 3, Building 2, Room 400-F
 1:30 Mike Marsh, Object Research SystemsDragonfly - A Python-centric Visualization Platform with Console, Advanced Macros, and Easy Enhancement Sharing
 2:00 Dula Parkinson, ALSCAMERA software for tomography and the Xi-CAM Tomography plugin
 2:30 Thomas Caswell, NSLS II 
 3:00 break 
 3:30 Doga Gursoy, APS  
 4:00 Hari Krishnan, CAMERA 
 4:30 Daniela Ushizima, CAMERA 
 5:00 (done) 

Wednesday, October 4, Building 15, Room 300
 9:00-11:30 Mike Marsh, Object Research SystemsGeneral Dragonfly Training
 1:00 Mike MarshDragonfly macros, extensions, and customization
 12:00-2:00 One-on-one appointmentsSchedule 30 minute appointments with imaging experts, including Daniela Ushizima, Hari Krishnan, Talita Perciano, and Mike MacNeil.

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